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Gift Cards

Do you know someone who could use our help? Maybe they just need someone to spend time teaching them basic computing skills or help them setup and use new devices. Why not gift them with our time and support? Choose from different gift card values, each one giving the freedom to be redeemed when they need it.

Gift Card Options

Currently with upto 35% off!!

(Applies at checkout)

*All gift cards are treated as credit and can be redeemed for multiple services (excluding cost of parts).

(Pay £52)

Redeemable for upto 2 hours of home support or upto 3 hours of remote support.

(Pay £74.75)

Redeemable for upto 3 hours of home support or upto 4 hours of remote support.

(Pay £100)

Redeemable  for upto 4 hours of home support or upto 5 hours of remote support.

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